I firmly believe that the intracacies of personality can be simply expressed in a tee. If you’re tired of always having to prove your expansive intellect through witty repartee and exhausting cracks at differential equations, just put your brains on your sleeve with one of these super-cute ‘bunny discusses’ tees from Cult 23 (thanks to Denver Daily Bliss for the reference).

female green bunny

Bunny Discusses The Spiraling Vortex Tee ($42)

Within the bubble, bunny discusses the scientific intracacies of The Spiraling Vortex (there are three other styles).
A sample of the text reads:

it appears in the whirling movement of water as it follows the path of least resistence, the incredible force of a tornado, and even in our own veins as our blood tumbles through our bodies performing its many functions, perhaps it’s evidence for a universal force which pervades space and interacts with matter: ether, vacuum energy, scalar energy, prana, chi…

Now, isn’t that a lot easier than talking?