PythonmEmbossed Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandal
Who knew that Banana Republic has such hot offerings? Maybe this is totally stereotypical, but I’ve always thought of it as the place for “professionals.” Either I’m getting more professional or they’re becoming more “casual cool.” Either way, this outfit is to die for:

1) Silk Chiffon Ruffle Top ($68)

I’ve been lusting over this big-time. It’s just so perfect for Fall!

2) Blasted Super Low-Rise Jean ($88)

Simple, streamlined — will even out the frilliness of the top (and make the look modern, not costumey).

3) Python-Embossed Ankle-Wrap Wedge Sandal ($160)

These are particularly luscious — gilt, tasseled, and high — is there more you could want from a shoe?

4) Large Filigree Flower Earrings ($42)

Icing on the cake (look great with the shoes, too!).